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November 2006 Production: 'The Little Photographer', by D Hoddinott
Based on a short story by Daphne du Maurier

Madame la Marquise is both beautiful and rich. she has a loving, if somewhat boring husband and two charming children whose daily needs are taken care of by an English governess.

Despite all this, Marie is bored and unhappy - above all she craves some excitement in her life and her friend Elise makes a startling suggestion...

Our heroine, who is perhaps not really a heroine at all, will take you on a journey which spirals downwards into...well, watch our play and see her story unfold...

Marilyn Pendlebury in 'The Little Photographer'

Cast profiles from 'The Little Photographer' programme


Marilyn Pendlebury - Marie, Madame la Marquise

Marilyn joined us in 2002 having been involved in amateur theatre for a considerable time and since than we have seen her in a variety of roles, both comedic and serious. For our Spring production, Marilyn was required to wear some very unflattering costumes but you are about to see her in some stunningly beautiful ones this evening.

    Max Roberts - Edouard, Monsieur le Marquis

Max will be a familiar face to many of you and we have enjoyed his commanding performances in past productions too numerous to mention. Max is also a talented musician as you will be only too aware from his virtuoso piano performance in our Spring production!

    Simon Borg - Monsieur Paul

Simon joined QUADS in September 2005 and made his stage debut for QUADS in "It Could Be Any One of Us" last Spring. Who could forget his hilarious portrayal of Norris Honeywell, that ball of pent-up fury and frustration?

      Jill Dickin - Elise

Jill has been an active member of the company since 1995. She is an experienced singer and currently a member of Derby Bach Choir. In the past she has appeared with Darley Abbey Players, Derby Opera and New Opera. In past performances for QUADS, Jill has not only been called upon to sing on stage but also play piano.

    Wendy Lloyd - Miss Clay

Wendy has a long history with amateur theatre, having appeared with Allestree Theatre Group and she has also been involved with a Gilbert & Sullivan company. Wendy is also our Trusty Treasurer - a vital role indeed. We are very pleased for her to take on the role of the English Governess.

    Ruth Williams - Madame Paul

Ruth is also a seasoned actress having appeared with QUADS, Darley Abbey Players and the Riverside Theatre. Her performances are always very professional and a joy to watch. We have seen her create many different characters but tonight she has to meet a new challenge - to become menacing!


Sophie Weinburg - Helene

Sophie is our newest member and joins QUADS for the first time in this production. She is a pupil at Woodlands School where, among other subjects she is studying drama. She has appeared on stage at Darley Abbey and also in her school production of Romeo and Juliet.


    Amber Murtas - Celeste

Amber is the youngest member of the company but is already a seasoned performer for QUADS having appeared in "Celebrity Sleaze". Her portrayal of a young girl meeting her father for the first time was incredibly mature and moving. She is a pupil at Denstone College and is also studying drama.


Simon Carr - Jean

Simon joined QUADS in 2001 and, since then, has appeared in a variety of roles. During the summer he directed a performance of "Matchstick Dreams" for the company and friends which proved to be a great success and we hope to use his directing skills in the future. Simon is also very interested in the technical aspects of the production and has become a valued member of our lighting team.





Jan Baggaley directs:

When I was 14, I read "Rebecca" for the first time, swiftly followed by "My Cousin Rachel", "Jamaica Inn", "Frenchman's Creek" and many more. The themes, romantic but always with a dark underside, appealed to me enormously and I became a lifelong fan of Daphne du Maurier's work.

I was particularly fascinated by the author's short stories. Something in my nature was drawn to her rather melodramatic style. Imagine my delight when I discovered that one of my favourite stories, "The Little Photographer", had been adapted for the stage by Derek Hoddinott.

    Thanks to the Little Photographer production team and also those whose names never appear on the programme but who, by their kindness, make our production possible.



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