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May 2007 Production: 'Blood Money', by the Heather Brothers

Mike and Liz have a rocky marriage. She is an alcoholic and he is a philanderer who is having a fling with a neighbour and a serious affair with his wife's doctor. Mike and Liz have a secret: years ago they left a girl dying at a hit and run accident. Mike fakes dying, hoping the shock will kill Liz, but she rushes to the clinic where the doctor finishes her off. But then Liz bursts through the door and murders her "dead" husband and the doctor kills her again, taking revenge for the death of her daughter.

First performed at the Derby Playhouse in 1994, the Heather Brother's thriller successfully transferred to the Walnut Tree Theatre, Philadelphia a year later.

Belper News Review of Blood Money (6th June 2007)
Raising the Bar at Drama Group"

QUARNDON Amateur Dramatic Society has a long list of past successes but it was
raised to new heights by the recent production Blood Money - a thriller by
Heather Brothers, which was presented in the church hall on four nights.
Excellently directed by Simon Carr and impeccably acted by the principals, it
maintained tension throughout as the plot shifted hither and thither with more
than one surprise during its action-packed course.

It needed to be played at full throttle, and it was - indeed rarely can anyone
have suffered such a beating as did James Brereton at the hands of Deborah
Simpson - her best part yet.

The TV presenter and his wife had been involved in a car accident some years
previously and the effects were now to be seen, often in gory detail.

A splendid set, spectacular effects, and a hardworking backstage team
distinguished the production in which Cheryl Roberts and Julie Cooper had other
leading roles.

Sheila Wood had a momentary appearance, and voices came from Bob Nunn, Marilyn
Pendlebury and Ruth Williams. Quarndon will have a job to top this.

Belper News 2007

Derby Evening Telegraph review Of Blood Money

Cast profiles and director's notes from the 'Blood Money' programme


Jim Brereton - Mike Mason

Jim has been a member of QUADS since 1984 and has given us some memorable portrayals, both in comedy and drama. It is a treat to see him back on stage, and in 'Blood Money' he is both the perpetrator and victim - a fascinating mixture!


    Deb Simpson - Liz Mason

Always a delight to watch - we have seen Debs slip into a number of different roles in past productions, and tonight she has to play a very dramatic character. Debs has been with QUADS for many years and never ceases to amaze us with her talent for getting inside the skin of the role

    Julie Cooper - Dr Campbell

Julie is one of the most hard-working members of the company. She has served QUADS as a committee member many times over the years, as well as being a very talented actress. It is great to see her back on stage. And watch her closely - you may be in for a surprise.

      Cheryl Roberts - Sue Thompson

Cheryl is a longstanding QUADS member who has delighted audiences in her many roles. Her most recent was as Wendy in the Alan Ayckborn play 'It Could Be Any One of Us', where she was required to wear a rather unflattering beige outfit. Prepare to see Cheryl dressed to thrill in this production.

    Sheila Wood - Nancy, the Awards Show Host

This is Sheila's debut and she is a welcome addition to the company. Tonight she takes on the role of the TV awards presenter for her first appearance with QUADS.

    Other actors: additional offstage voices by Ruth Williams (left) and Simon Carr (below), plus a special onstage guest appearance by the award-winning Tony Glover.

Simon Carr directs:

This is a play full of thrills and spills (and laughs!), and is one of my favourite plays. I've wanted to direct this one myself since I first read it - the fact that nothing, absolutely nothing is what it seems, and the gut wrenching plot twists and tart wit make it hugely entertaining. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we have enjoyed making it!


    Thanks also to the production team:

Consultant Director
Stage Manager
Stage Crew
Set Design & Dressing
Front of House
Box Office


Jan Baggaley
Marilyn Pendlebury
Tony Glover
Tony Glover, Graham Cook, Keith Cooper
Val Turner
Jim Brereton
Elaine Bentley
Vicky Bradwell
Simon Marshall
Nigel Johnson, Rachel Nichols
Jan Baggaley, Jill Dickin
Chris Simpson
Wendy Lloyd, Phil Buckle
Marilyn Pendlebury
Val Turner, Donna Terry, Simon Borg

    and thanks also those whose names never appear on the programme but who, by their kindness, make our production possible.

click here for the full Blood Money Programme (Word document)



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