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QUADS 70th Anniversary Night

Quarndon Amateur Dramatic Society 70th Anniversary Celebration
Saturday 24th September 2011

2011 was a very special year for QUADS as it was 70 years since the founding of Quarndon Musical and Dramatic Society (QMDS) which later became QUADS. We thought that this was cause for a celebration and we held a special Celebration Evening in September to celebrate 70 years of the Society.

As QMDS was founded in 1941 we held a 1940s themed night at our “home” venue, Quarndon Village Hall, from 7pm on Saturday 24th September 2011. In keeping with the theme, the dress code was strictly 1940s costume or black tie. We started the evening with a champagne and canapé reception, after which some of our members performed a scene from The Importance of Being Ernest, the first play ever staged by QMDS and revived by QUADS for our 50th anniversary.

A buffet supper (NOT 1940s food!) provided by a professional caterer was served and we tried our luck at a wartime quiz.  After supper, QUADS performed scenes from the stage version of the hilarious wartime comedy ‘Allo ‘Allo. The evening concluded with a musical tribute to the 1940s. There was, of course, also be plenty of time for drinking, chatting and socialising.

QUADS Golden Jubilee Celebration



There is nothing unusual about taking one’s dog for a walk but such a commonplace activity can sometimes be a link in a chain of events which have far reaching consequences.

It was one evening in the Autumn of 1941 that a local resident who was about to embark upon this particular exercise found himself. He had a letter to post.

Arriving at the postbox he chanced to meet another resident whom he knew. A man full of enthusiasm for an idea which he and his wife had just been discussing. The suggestion was that it might be possible to form some sort of musical society in the village which could be the means of giving pleasure to those who were musically inclined and also, perhaps, provide occasional concerts for the entertainment of a wider circle.

The man with the dog was interested in the proposition and, after a lengthy conversation, it was decided to consult another resident, Mr. Frederick Lockyear, a retired schoolmaster who was well-known locally for his choral activities and, perhaps more particularly, for his association with the promotion of large scale Christmas concerts given by Derby school children.

No time was lost and, within a few days, the three men met to discuss the suggestion. Mr Lockyear promised his support provided that a sufficient number of people could be found to form a choir.

A public meeting was held on the 24th October and there was an attendance of fifteen people which was considered satisfactory.

It transpired that a number of people (including some who had come to live in Quarndon because of the war) had previously been members of choral societies in other parts of the country and the suggested formation of a choir received an enthusiastic welcome.

It was decided to arrange a Christmas concert to be held in the Church Hall. If this proved to be successful steps would be taken to keep the choir together on a more permanent basis. Rehearsals began immediately under the able conduct of Mr Lockyear and the concert was held on 23rd December 1941.

There was a large and appreciative audience and as a result of the event the sum of £13. S.14. 6 was raised and donated to the Quarndon Services Comforts League.



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